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Klassen Wines & Craft Beer is a family-run producer, importer, and broker of fine wines and craft beer. Based in Murphy's, California, our portfolio includes wines and beer from California, Canada, Australia and other wine-producing countries around the world. As president, Brian Klassen has guided every aspect of the development of the Klassen Wines Brand, from carefully blending his own limited-production wines to their bottling, branding and distribution. With a background in the restaurant industry in positions ranging from Sous Chef, Sommelier to General Manager at some of the finest restaurants in Canada, Australia, the Bahamas and the United States, he has spent many years mastering food preparation and the pairing of fine wines and beer with the meal.


Wine Importer and Distributor


Brian also has many years of national distribution of fine wine brands. He is committed to the unique wines and brews he represents and translates his knowledge and experience to the wholesale beverage trade with true inside expertise. He is always seeking opportunities that fit his vision.


Besides the production of his own unique blends of boutique wines, Klassen Wines & Craft Beer represents:


Please have a look at our portfolio of exciting and delicious wines and brews, each tells a story of superior craftsmanship that we are proud to display.


Brian Klassen

Brian's friends and clients know him best as a reliable family man with two daughters (Sally and Riley), after which he has even named two of his signature wines. His ethics are demonstrated by his repeat business and customer satisfaction.


Contact us for more information and distribution opportunities.

Klassen Wines & Craft Beer is a family owned and operated business. They produce fine wines from Sonoma and Calaveras County. They also represent Epicurean wines from Australia and the Wine Trees portfolio of value wines from around the world. Klassen Wines has broadened its selection to include premium craft beer from Central City Brewing of Vancouver, British Columbia. Their distribution channels span the United States, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington.

For more information contact Brian Klassen at (209)607-5073. He can also be reached at

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