Production of Klassen Fine Wines


Over the last ten years, Klassen Wines & Craft Beer has established its own authentic wines to give customers the best of both worlds – great wines at a reasonable price. All wines under the Klassen brand are excellent choices for pairing with food. This means an emphasis is placed upon aroma, structure, and terroir rather than a reliance on high residual sugar and alcohol.



Klassen Syrah

Klassen Syrah, grown at 2100 feet elevation in Murphys California, is a perfect example of what this noble Rhone variety can produce. At this elevation, the grapes experience a very long hang time allowing for tannin and flavors to develop. The wine is then aged to 24 months in American oak. Klassen Syrah is rich and mouth filling with lots of classic violet and mint nuances. It is a perfect partner to braised meats, stews and polenta.


Klassen Syrah Wine



APPELATION Calaveras County





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Klassen Wines & Craft Beer is a family owned and operated business. They produce fine wines from Sonoma and Calaveras County. They also represent Epicurean wines from Australia and the Wine Trees portfolio of value wines from around the world. Klassen Wines has broadened its selection to include premium craft beer from Central City Brewing of Vancouver, British Columbia. Their distribution channels span the United States, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington.

For more information contact Brian Klassen at (209)607-5073. He can also be reached at

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